Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickie: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fringe 3.06 "6955 kHz"

Cheeky commentary on the LOST numbers aside, this episode was rocking the Christmas tree from start to finish. The cracks are beginning to show in everyone's armor, and the pieces are falling into place both literally (as the team begins to find the pieces of the Doomsday Device that has Peter as a core component) and thematically (as the show deals with Peter's moral dilemma and the problems that face Fauxlivia when she's not the Olivia that spent two years cracking cases with the Bishops). I particularly loved the utilization of Astrid here, and the comparisons between our Astrid and Alt-Astrid were awesome. Overall, a very strong episode of Fringe.

(Quick note: I realize there isn't a review for last week's episode; that's because I got sick. I mean to come back to it with a review later; I'll also be sure to get a review for this Fringe up soon as well. By the way, did you see the promo for next week? HOLY CRAP!)

Community 2.08 "Cooperative Calligraphy"

For once, I am truly glad I chose Community over Big Bang Theory this week. I've come to find that there's a time and place for Sheldon, but the Community study group is FOREVER. And how! This bottle episode was also strong from start to finish, including some of the best jokes I've heard in comedy television in a long time. But at its center, as at the center of all great episodes of television, is a heart of gold... nestled firmly within Annie's Boobs. "Your disappointment will just have to suck it! I'M DOING A BOTTLE EPISODE!" There's just too much to love and me trying to describe it would just devolve into a series of random quotes, so I'll stop here and simply say: YAY COMMUNITY!

The Event 1.07 "I Know Who You Are"

After two weeks of excellent storytelling, The Event drops back to mediocrity again. I can appreciate some of what was going on in this episode -- and I love learning more about Blake Sterling, easily one of my favorite characters so far -- but it all just felt too contrived and "television-y" for my tastes. Zelko Ivanek is on his game as per usual, though -- that scene at the end with his wife and father? Worth the unfortunate high price of admission. The whole Sean/Leila/Samantha story though? I don't have high hopes for it. But we'll see. I managed to hang on for "Casualties of War" and "Loyalty" -- let's see what else this show has up its sleeves.

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