Saturday, December 18, 2010

According To TV: Christmas

In order to keep myself occupied over the long-but-feels-very-short Christmas break, I've decided to put this blog to use again. I'm gathering suggestions for, and making lists of, episodes of television shows that deal with Christmas directly or indirectly for me to watch and review in the context of a narrative. That narrative: what does television tell us Christmas is "about"?

In doing this feature, which will run at least through the end of this year, I'll be watching and discussing a broad scope of Christmas episodes from a wide range of television shows -- animated and live-action, drama and comedy, and all range of genre from science-fiction to horror to fantasy to slice-of-life to whatever else. The goal is to discover what values of Christmas television shows choose to highlight as positive, and conversely which values of Christmas are deemed negative, and how these values shift over time.

I'm in the "making a lot of big lists" stage of this project, but as I begin to write about the episodes, I'll post them here periodically. I'm going to try and jump around in time in order to keep things fresh. I can tell you what my first post will be, though: Community! I'm starting at the end, with a theory on the question I've presented, and I'll see how it holds up throughout the project. I'll also do a quick write-up on the Doctor Who Christmas specials from Tennant, summarizing my view of them, and then review Matt Smith and Steven Moffat's first special "A Christmas Carol" the day after Christmas.


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