Monday, November 15, 2010

Quickie: Monday, November 15, 2010

Chuck 4.08 "Chuck vs. the Fear of Death"

Ah, glorious synergy. Chuck's fourth season has bounced back and forth between straight spy narratives and artificial relationship problems, not to mention lacking any good Buy More stories, but tonight's episode nails the show's core themes once again. I love the extremes the show is willing to go to enhance the effect Chuck's mom had on the Intersect, a now-defunct piece of junk in Chuck's head. And it can still sow seeds in the Chuck/Sarah relationship without feeling artificial, a much-needed improvement from, say, the wedding ring "cliffhanger". Buy More was fantastic -- Summer Glau shines by doing a version of Cameron from Sarah Connor Chronicles, and she plays well against Morgan and Jeffster. Call me crazy, but this was really good.

Lie To Me 3.07 "Beyond Belief"

This was a marked improvement from last week's episode (and yes, I didn't review it fully -- I'm just a tad behind). I'm becoming privy to how one-dimensional the characterization of "Lightman-Group-as-family" really is, but the show leans more on Emily this week, and I adore Emily, so I was very satisfied. The main story was rather predictable, but I liked David Sutcliffe's portrayal of Stafford. Without any other recognizable stories, though, the episode was a bit... boring. I'm considering dropping the show from my Reviews category, as everything that used to thrill me about the show is no longer here. (I'm guessing that's at least partly related to Shawn Ryan's departure as showrunner -- why does that man make such damn good television?)

The Walking Dead 1.03 "Tell It To The Frogs"

Yes, at long last I caught an episode of The Walking Dead live! And how! From teaser to cliffhanger, I was hooked. Expect a more detailed review later this week; in short, I'm very happy with the changes made from the comic book, as they provide new nuances to what I still expect will be the ending of this first season. In any case, it's already providing the survivors with solid characterization, which I know was a gripe many people had with last week's "Guts". This show is hitting all the right notes, and I'm absolutely tickled. Got issues with that? Tell it to the frogs!

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