Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quickie: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Met Your Mother 6.08 "Natural History"

Like most, I thought this episode was slow to pick up, but once it did get going, it got going. I love Zoey even more now as a character -- maybe I even want her to be the mother? (Too much blasphemy?) I actually enjoyed the Lily/Marshall stuff this week, particularly the clever way the show uses its setting (a natural history museum) to comment on the passage of someone's life -- like Marshall, who used to want to save the world, but has adapted to his basest needs and essentially phased out older versions of himself because they just can't cut it in the married world. Finally, as always, Barney/Robin shenanigans are fun, but I especially loved the twist at the end regarding Barney's father. I didn't see it coming, but given that a lot of the show was handed to Ted for the night, I guess that was by design. Strong episode.

House 7.06 "Office Politics"

After several uneventful B-plots involving the hiring and firing of a female employee, we finally get a solid member of House's team -- and she's a total weirdo. Fortunately for us, Amber Tamblyn plays the role well, combining elements of the women before her (Cameron's fierce ethical responsibility, Thirteen's unwavering ability to jump face-first no matter the consequences) and throwing in some quirks so annoying that House fires her no less than six times during the course of the episode. Spunky! Unfortunately, the case was just okay -- but hey, Jack Coleman from Heroes!

Glee 2.06 "Never Been Kissed"

Um... well I'm really not sure how to respond to this episode, which is why I won't be posting a more detailed review tonight -- I need time to... ruminate. I will say that, as per usual for Brad Falchuk, the song choice was exquisite -- I particularly enjoyed "Teenage Dream" and the girls' mash-up -- and the episode continues to reinforce my own opinion that Will-as-teacher is much more interesting and useful than Will-as-single-straight-male. (Oddly, Jessalyn Gilsig was credited but never made an appearance -- she did show up in next week's preview though. Deleted scene or honest mistake?) I liked the return of Puck, too -- that made for a great storyline this week.

Lie To Me 3.05 "The Canary's Song"

This is another episode I really need time to think about. The concept of Lightman-Group-as-family was strong -- this week, the group split along gender lines, with Torres and Foster taking the FBI's case (partly because it involved Cal, who got caught up in an illegal gambling ring) while Lightman and Loker run the main case, involving an explosion at a coal mine. Strong performances by the cast and very beautiful shots this week, but aside from the gender split, there wasn't a whole lot of heft to this one. The canary's song echoes inside a hollow shell, if you will.

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